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Welcome to the ePN Promotions and Sales Portal. We have designed this portal to help partners find the best promotions, events and deals across eBay. Here are some quick FAQs to help you begin using the portal:

What is a "promotion"?

A promotion is a time-based collection focused on a theme, often at a discounted price. Promotions are expertly curated by eBay and updated throughout the day. Some examples of promotions are Daily Deals, Fashion Designer Collective events, or weekly electronics deals.

How do I use the Promotions Portal?

Using the portal is simple. You can search for different types of promotions by site, site category or a themed group. If you want to generate an affiliate link to the main event page, simply select "Promote Event". To link to individual items, click on the link icon to create a tracking link directly to the item.

How do Promotion links work?

All tracking links are set up to use a default campaign ID. This is displayed at the top of the page in the Link Settings box, and can be edited at any time. When you copy links, the campaign ID you select will be used to automatically track to your account using that campaign. If you use optional custom IDs for tracking, you can also edit link settings and enter these manually.

What eBay sites are supported?

We currently have promotions for the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain sites.

What languages are supported?

The tool is available in English, German, French, Italian, and Spain. Items will be listed in the language that the seller has chosen, and some content will only be available in the default language for a site.

Have a suggestion?

Have an idea on how to make the Promotions and Sales Portal better? Please share your thoughts by emailing us at with the subject "Promotions Portal Feedback".

Welcome to the EPN Promotions and Sales. First time here? Here's how to get started. Please let us know if you like the portal or if you have any feedback.

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